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Jackie Hayes from ***KNOTTINGLEY*** wrote on 03.06.2010:
Hi Adrain, Myself and my friend came to Hisoronou last Saturday night and watched the 'Diamond Diva's' show...OMG, I have never laughed so much. The costumes were fabulous and the stand up amazingly funny. I was talking to my friend when i got home...Vicky Gawthorpe and she says you were in her class at school...small world eh? Anyway the show was by far the best night of my holiday... jackie, from 'Broomhill'!!!!
angie dixon from newcastle upon tyne wrote on 18.08.2009:
hi adrian hope u remember me and my mate elaine we were chatting with u on the thursday ur night off u done another show as the lights all went off on the tuesdays show in hisanarou, had a great chat with u on the balcony we will be coming back to turkey oct 17th so hope to chat with u again anyway luv take care give the other boys my love too yr all fantastic. love angie xx
Neil from Sheffield wrote on 14.07.2009:
Hey Ada, long time no see. I stumbled across your new website and thought I'd say hi. Sorry to loose touch, but I hope you're well? Surprised to see you left the Gumbet show, but then you always did have ambition for bigger and new things. Hope everything is well for you. Ta ta Neil
richard and simon from duke william halifax wrote on 05.06.2009:
hi love, how are ya doin? great web site and we hope all is good for you. Looking forward to you returning and another ladies night!!!! take care and we send loads of love to ya... mwah
MarkyMark from Bradford England wrote on 13.05.2009:
I Hear the new show is going really well! Can't wait to come over to Turkey and see it!
Emma wrote on 27.03.2009:
Great new website! Cant wait to see you in Turkey in May - not sure if we will make it to Scarborough before you leave. Luv Em xx
Andy McCann from Birmingham wrote on 24.03.2009:
Great new site! Seen various shows both here in the UK and aboard. You get more and more entertaining each time I see you. In Gumbet on hols in July so hope to travel to see the new show and venue.
Bill from Here wrote on 16.03.2009:
Gorgeous as ever. I will miss my best friend for over 24 weeks when he goes away but I know you will be back! Love you Adrian, now and Always. Hugs. Bill xxxx
Daz T wrote on 16.03.2009:
You are the biz and fast becomin scarboroughs top attraction . keep climin that ladder an never look down cos the skys the limit 4 ya .
MarkyMark from UK wrote on 11.03.2009:
Loving the new site! Looking forward to seeing you again in Turkey very soon!
ZOE from UK wrote on 11.03.2009:
Fontella from UK wrote on 11.03.2009:
hello darling how you doing?
sonia ahmet from UK wrote on 11.03.2009:
i saw u in gumbet with the dream girls and loved the show , laughed so much it hurt, please bring ur self and the girls over to uk as would love to bring friends to ur show
John OConnor from UK wrote on 11.03.2009:
Great site fella. Take care