Adrian started his show business career at the age of eleven at ‘Ken Ackroyds’s School of Dance & Performing Arts’ in Pontefract. In 1998, at sixteen, he became the youngest man to qualify to teach modern dance throughout the UK.

In 1992 Adrian became a resident female impersonator in Wakefield, performing live twice a week to a regular crowd, enjoying his passion for entertainment and laughter. He soon started touring the country with his own show under the name of Miss De Ja Vous, introducing a mixture of mime, live vocals, stand up comedy, amazing gowns and his own choreography.

Talent scouted by Robert Kent in 1996, Miss De Ja Vous performed as one of the international playgirls, part of a three man drag show performing to thousands of people at ‘The Talk Of The Town’ in Marmaris, Turkey. Adrian and fellow playgirls, Robert and Jamey became the talk of Turkey, Tunisia, Hong Kong and the UK, as they travelled around the world with their show.

By the year 1999 Adrian moved to Gumbet in Turkey to form his own unique floorshow, with Stevie Charles Chris Black. A totally new show was created; it was and still is a huge success and has stunned audiences from around the world. Alas he left in 2007 to pursue a career in the UK; however in 2009 the great creator was approached again by the original “Talk of the town” to open another new venue in Hisaronu/Fethiye again in Turkey. Obviously he agreed and is due to open the new show with co stars Rusty and Gavinya; two amazing well established stars of stage and screen from Hull, also Kerion; a great singer, dancer and comic. This is the ultimate in entertainment adventure and Adrian thrives on the excitement and bustle of a new venture.

Adrian has appeared on many TV and radio broadcasts, Party Time, Bargain Hunt and many game shows. He also has many cabaret and theatre credits and awards to his name whilst his career goes from strength to strength.

He is entertainment as its best. As a stand up comedienne, singer, actor he has a natural talent that dismisses any preconceptions about a man dressing up as a woman. Adrian’s costumes are amongst the best in the world and, be it a ladies night, cabaret evening, compare, host, TV, radio, film and theatre. He is one of the UK’s premier performers.

Adrian is a full equity member and has been voted many times as the UK’s number one ladies night hostess and a fantastic all round entertainer.